About me

Hi my name is Nadine, but you can call me Nads.

I’m a life lover and light chaser, I’m inspired by human connection and chemistry, nature around me and beautiful smiles that shine from the soul. I love to travel the world, the change of seasons and being outside in nature. I am a mummy to 3 handsome little men and use my little bit of spare time to write songs and play my guitar. My passion for photography shines from within me from my love of connecting with my clients, their lives and their stories. I feel forever touched by the people I meet and the heartwarming, joyful moments that I get to share with them. I adore shooting couples in love, the connections between family and all the little moments in between. My photos are natural, emotive and non intrusive and I pride myself on making you laugh and feel comfortable from the moment we meet.

I look forward to meeting you with a big smile.

A question I get asked over and over “Why Kalinda”? I thought I best give a quick explanation to the name behind my business. My 3 boys names are Keoni, Kobe & Kalan, yes all K’s. A little over a year ago we moved into a 3 story cottage in Kuranda which my boys used to call our ‘Heaven House’. I don’t know why I think because it was a pole home and was quite high up in the trees. This cottage had a name, it was called Kalinda. One day not long after moving in my neighbour came over for a visit and to introduce himself and told me that Kalinda actually means ‘the sun’ and the man who built the house named it after his boat. I was looking for a name for my business at this time and wanted to name it something after my boys and there it was staring me in the face, thus Kalinda was born.