Michael & Renee

Michael & Renee

Michael & Renee

Located on the Cairns Esplanade just a few moments from the iconic Cairns lagoon is The Hilton Cairns. Amoungst the secluded rooftop gardens of this hotel is a angelic chapel that overlooks the marina inlet and a grassy area which was lined with white chairs and a grand flower arch supplied by Cairns Wedding Arches. Above in the hotel overlooking the marina the bride and groom prepared for a day that they would never forget with breathtaking views of Cairns. Both calm and collect these 2 amazing people spent the morning with their closest friends and family and shared laugher, tears and excitement. I remembered from their engagement session their closeness and affection and Michaels eyes were never far from the gaze of his beautiful wife almost in a magnetic gaze that she has over him. Both family’s on both sides were lit up by the love they have for their 2 children and their love was pouring out of their chests with sweet tears and affection for this beautiful pair.  This day was so calm and beautiful it almost made me forget I was working.  Congratulations to Michael & Renee I cannot wait to see what the future holds for such a remarkable pair.

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  • Renee

    Really was the best day of our lives and you have captured every emotion beautifully Nadine ❤️We are forever grateful to you for this xx

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